The Journal

We are a student-run, non-technical research journal. Our mission is to build connections between undergraduate students, graduate students, and the public, as well as among the different academic disciplines, through the publication of non-technical articles in all fields of research. We aim to tap student creativity and effort in all academic disciplines through a peer-edited, faculty-reviewed electronic and print publication. We hope to inspire interest in research in the student body, faculty, and the campus community.

It should be a normal part of an undergraduate’s experience to venture into new fields of study and make interdisciplinary linkages … (and) to integrate formal studies with co-curricular interests.

– President’s Commission on the Undergraduate Experience

Editorial Board

For the 2019-2020 Academic School Year:

Editors-In-Chief Emeritus
Itai Palmon
Matthew Ward

Anna Kang
Abhiram Bukkapatnam

Associate Editors
Michaela Yamine
Kaitlyn Hines
Alice Sorel
Cameron Craig

Public Relations Chair
Dani Maydan

Copy Editors
Hunter Cohn
Divya Manikandan
Dani Maydan
Ranganath Kathawate
Natasha Badami

Contact Us

General Inquiry:

Editors-In-Chief Emeritus:
Itai Palmon – ipalmon@umich.edu
Matthew Ward – matthw@umich.edu

Anna Kang – annakang@umich.edu
Abhiram Bukkapatnam – bukkaabh@umich.edu