2018 Journal


Link to Journal: Winter 2018 UMURJ

Individual Articles:


A Brief, Nontechnical Survey of Magnetic Mirrors, their Shortcomings, and Modern Magnetic Confinement Fusion Reactors

         Michael Hua and Flynn Darby


Life Sciences

Structure of an ABC Transport Solute-Binding Protein that Facilitates Growth on the Cereal Fiber arabinoxylan in the Human Gut Symbiont Eubacterium rectale

         Rebecca M. Duvall, BS, and Nicole M. Koropatkin, PhD

Do Reduced Extracellular ATP Levels Contribute to the Development of Diabetes-associated Vascular Calcification?

         Jamie Russo and Richard Hume, PhD

Estimates of Common Ragweed Pollen Production for Urban Ragweed Plants

         Victoria T. Bankowski, Daniel W. Katz, PhD, and Stuart Batterman, PhD

From Microbes to Painkillers: Genetically Modified Escherichia coli Generate Key Morphine Precursor

         Joyce Tien and M. Ruth Elliot


Physical Sciences

Sediment Pond Efficacy: Case Study In Petoskey, MI

         Haley Divis, Mikaela Bradley, Ashley Mark, Erin Rodewald, and Steve Bertman, PhD


Social Sciences

Media Discourse on American Immigration Reform – A Constructionist Approach

         Yuchen Luo and Donald R. Kinder, PhD

The Usage of Flibanserin to Treat Women’s Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder in the U.S.

         Stephanie Mecham, BS and Alex Rickard, PhD


Interviews with:

Ming Li, PhD

Muniba Saleem, PhD